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Please call (979) 702-0258  or email and provide the following information to place your order. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your refiguring charge plus optional box service if you need this (see price list), made payable to PEGASUS OPTICS, which can be mailed to 729 BZordovsky Rd. La Grange, Texas 78945. Sorry, we do not accept charge cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) at this time. However, you can arrange payment through Paypal using your credit card. You can give us a call at (979) 702-0258 and we'll coordinate arrangements with you verbally for your mirror order and payment.     


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Shipping your Mirror

Packing Your Mirror

We have had mirrors shipped to us using all kinds of packing methods. Some of them were very scary. Glass is really tough, you can even hammer a nail with it but the edges are easily prone to chipping. If you protect the edges your mirror will be safe. The best protection is a 1 inch layer of stryofoam all around the mirror placed in a box tight enough so that is does not move. Spectrum Coatings has a very good set of pictures and instructions on mirror packing. A wooden crate is not necessary. A sturdy cardboard box will work just fine. Protect the face of the mirror with tissue paper taped around the edge. 

Ship to: 

             Ron Behrens

             Pegasus Optics

             729 Bordovsky Rd.

             La Grange, Texas 7945


             (979) 792-0258