Advances in coating technology have reduced the variables that could compromise the integrity of optical coatings. You may select from a wide range of choices within the coating industry based on your preferences.

No. We do not accept additional payment for tighter figuring because the work we do is as tight as any in the industry. We found through that experience that a 1/10th wave wavefront peak-valley or 1/36 wave RMS is a realistic and attainable tolerance, however, improvements beyond this point in spherical aberration are theoretical and not visible at the eyepiece.

Yes, we still make "new" mirrors, in addition to refiguring work. When a prospective coater has a custom order we will either use an in-stock blank, if it meets the customer requirement, or we will custom-order a blank. Normally our completed mirror costs will be competitive with other supplier prices. Please call for quote.

Yes. Before we test your mirror, we'll discuss the problem with you and attempt to isolate other factors that may cause the problem besides the mirror, including support and collimation issues. We charge a $100 fee for testing, plus reshipping fees as listed under refiguring charges. We typically test the mirror within 24 hours of receipt from you. We'll give you a report on the mirror's figure, and a certification of optical quality with quantitative data on wavefront/surface error. If you decide to have the mirror refigured after test results are available, we'll credit your refiguring account with the amount of the testing and reshipping fees. Only after you give us a go-ahead will we strip the mirror's coating and refigure it. We begin refiguring your mirror within a week of your notice to proceed. Usually the turn-around is 45-days or shorter turn-around back to you. We complete initial testing within a day or two of receipt of the mirror, and if you decide not to have the mirror refigured, we get it back to you within a day or two, or forward it to the coating lab you designate for recoating as you indicate. (It is not necessary to strip the mirror's present coating in order to complete its testing.)