What do we do?

 PEGASUS OPTICS specializes in testing and/or refiguring existing mirrors, including arranging packing and transportation to/from the customer, Pegasus, and the coater. We are presently up to date on existing orders, so we will begin new orders without delay. We additionally have other blanks to accommodate many customers' size/focal ratio requirements for new mirrors, and time from order to receipt is minimal. 

Why refigure your mirror?

 We have refigured hundreds of previous-manufactured mirrors. Without exception, our customers report greatly improved optical performance, and find that the refigured mirror meets or exceeds their expectations. There is no reason that a refigured, mass-produced mirror will not perform as well as any premium mirror in the same size or f/ratio, all other factors being equal, e.g., provided the telescope provides adequate support and optical collimation. We guarantee mirrors refigured by us will meet your expectations.Typically you can buy an older mass-produced product and have it refigured at a total cost that is far less than the cost of a production mirror. 

Packing/Box service

 A new service that we offer is providing a custom-made box with internal foam cushion pre-cut to the size of your primary mirror. We charge a nominal fee for this service, which includes shipping and insurance charges for sending the box to you and the cost of sending the mirror to Pegasus via UPS. (Note that there are additional shipping charges to the coater and/or back to the customer. Please see the price list to determine what the charge will be for these packing/shipping services for your size primary mirror.) If you do not need or specify a shipping container/box, you will not be charged for this service, however, you are urged to insure the container meets the shipper specifications in the event of damage. (Damage is highly unlikely and practically non-existent.) If you need a box, please include the box fee as a part of the down payment, and we will send the shipping container with packing materials to you by Postal Service. 

Delivery Time

 In most cases, time from your order to delivery will be 6 weeks or less. If you need your mirror sooner, we will work with you to meet deadlines such as star parties, commercial schedule requirements or other scheduling factors. 

Quality Standard

 Our quality standard is 1/10th wave wavefront peak-to-valley, 1/36 wave RMS, and .96 Strehl ratio indicated error. Each mirror is etched with owner name, serial number, and optician signature. 


 We are committed to providing customer service to you and to crafting your mirror to deliver superb and unparalleled optical performance. Our mirrors are unconditionally guaranteed. If you have any problem with the mirror delivered to you, you may return it for an immediate, no-questions-asked refund. 


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