Pegasus Optics Policies


Pegasus manufactured optics are guaranteed. If you feel that your mirror delivers anything less than the performance you expected, we will refund your purchase price less the cost of recoating the mirror and shipment costs, provided the glass is not damaged or otherwise modified. If we can confirm an optical problem in your mirror, we will rework or replace the mirror on an expedited basis, ahead of current production.


Mirrors are processed promptly. Refiguring work is typically accomplished much faster than new mirrors. In no case do we exceed the maximum number of jobs we can produce, and in all cases we will take no shortcuts that would affect our level of quality and customer support.


Prices are as shown for domestic destination, which incur additional shipping and document preparation costs. (International customers please refer to "Overseas Delivery" below.) We require 50% down payment and payment in full before shipment to coater or prior to delivery, unless other arrangements are made subject to Pegasus' concurrence. There is no delivery charge on production order for continental USA destinations.

Conditions of Payment and Delivery

Payments can be made by personal check, money order, certified check, international money order, interbank electronic transfer or Paypal (using your credit card.) Shipment will be delayed in the case of personal checks for 10 days to allow checks to clear. Upon receipt of an uncleared personal check, if the mirror is uncoated, we will ship the mirror to the coater while the check is clearing, and drop ship from the coater directly to you after the check has cleared.


We deliver by prepaid UPS, insured for amount of purchase. If you wish expedited shipping of your order, please let us know, and we will deliver per your delivery preference for an additional charge.

Overseas Delivery

We welcome overseas orders. For interbank transfers from abroad, we do not pay transaction fees, and the customer needs to add transaction fees to the amount transferred. We do not pay customs or other taxes/charges required by countries outside the USA. There are additional charges for overseas delivery in the amount of the actual delivery cost by UPS Worldwide Expedited.

Time to Deliver

If you have questions regarding our policy, delivery lead times or conditions or sale, or want to discuss your project, please contact us.

Questions About Optics?

Read the FAQs, or contact Ron. He has the answers!


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