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The John Hall bio...

John Hall, the founder of Pegasus Optics, was born in Arkansas, finished high school and college in Texas (BA in General Studies, University of Texas at El Paso.)

He worked for the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration until his retirement in 1994. His duties as a Quality Assurance Specialist included electronics, microelectronics, defense and aerospace programs in support of man-rated NASA programs. His career included collateral details such as metrology (the science of measurement applied to calibration systems), Management Information Systems, computer programmer/instructor, and supervisor of quality audits of major defense and aerospace supplier operations.

John was stationed in Asian countries as a Quality Assurance Specialist a total of eight years, and has certified fluency in Asian and European languages. (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)

In 1989, John started a part time business in optical fabrication under the name Pegasus Optics. He has used various forms of test and measuring equipment and professional equipment in his optical work, including home-made lapping machines and auxiliary test equipment. He has fabricated and used interferometric and null test equipment, although his mainstay test is the modified Foucault test. John's business in optical fabrication went full time in 1994. He has made over a thousand mirrors in sizes through 30" aperture.

John became an avid astronomer and mirror-maker through his interest in observing and in making his own telescope optics. He has personally designed and constructed many telescopes through 28" aperture since his early childhood years, many of them of unique design. His design philosophy emphasizes portability and user-friendly features to facilitate the scopes' adjustment and ease of use. As part of his retail optical business, John provides advice and assistance to purchasers of his telescope optics. He has also addressed amateur groups on ways to optimize optical performance.

John has three children and six grandchildren, who reside with their families in Tucson and Atlanta. John presently resides in Austin, Texas.

John's professional and leisure goals include continuing optical fabrication, traveling, and facilitating the advancement of amateur astronomy.

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